10th and Salt Creek Road Roundabout Project

Olsson Associates (Olsson), as part of the Lincoln Haymarket Infrastructure (LHI) Team, was selected to provide engineering services for the City of Lincoln’s West Haymarket Redevelopment Final Design project.

One of the primary projects for the redevelopment was the design and construction of transportation improvements along Salt Creek Roadway at 9th and 10th Streets. The goal of the project was to provide a new access point for the proposed north parking area of the redevelopment that would build upon the existing transportation network and provide efficient and safe access. The project bordered Memorial Stadium’s main entrances on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) campus and posed a long list of potential conflicts, including the Champions Club parking lot, the 10th Street bridge, BNSF mainline tracks, the I-180 bridges, and the Star City Federal parking lot.

To remedy these issues, Olsson designed and helped oversee the construction of a unique double roundabout design. This design successfully minimized traffic flow, provided functionality and safety improvements to the transportation network, and reduced the impacts to adjacent properties.

In addition to the roundabout design, Olsson also provided right-of-way coordination, survey, lighting, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) design.

The roundabouts opened three weeks ahead of schedule in August of 2011 - just in time for fall classes at the University and ahead of UNL’s season-opening football game.

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